PeopleForward Network Celebrates Leadership Impact with First Annual Impact Awards

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — December 7, 2022 | PeopleForward Network, a people-first leadership and communications services company, announces the winners of their first annual “PeopleForward IMPACT Awards.

The PeopleForward Network was created in June 2021 by Chief Meaningful Work Officer, Nikki Lewallen Gregory. Rooted in the podcast medium, PFN equips leaders with resources and connections to build and nurture workplaces where people thrive and experience meaningful work. This year, PFN launched the first annual PeopleForward IMPACT Awards virtual event to recognize greatness through people-forward efforts by leaders and workplaces worldwide. The purpose of this event was not only to celebrate, but to extend PFN’s values and mission onto a broader virtual stage by enabling networking, connections, and partnership discussions among event attendees.

Award winners were selected based on stories submitted by PFN’s community members and partners. This invitation-only event brought together 170 thought leaders, company executives, and founders to witness and celebrate the inaugural award winners.

To create an intimate, lively virtual atmosphere, PeopleForward Network welcomed attendees on the LexGo platform. The event was sponsored by Averity, with an introduction by Chris Allaire to kickoff the celebrations, with Brian Mohr, Cofounder of Anthym, as Master of Ceremonies. “We’re proud to partner with the People Forward Network and celebrate the amazing people that stand out for their efforts in leadership and creating an outstanding workplace environment that truly understands a people first culture,” said Chris Allaire, CEO and Founder of Averity, which was the title sponsor of the event. “People are the heart and soul of an organization and without them, companies are just an idea on paper. People bring ideas to life. Companies that pioneer and practice these principles should be highlighted in the way this event did.” Keynote speaker Amy Woodall, host of the Conscious Habit podcast motivated and inspired guests. Presenters included Rachel Downey (Share Your Genius), Darren Virassammy (34 Strong), and Tonya Dittman (The Village). 

Congratulations to the 2022 PeopleForward IMPACT Award winners:

PeopleForward Podcast Awards

PeopleForward Influencer Awards

PeopleForward Workplace Impact Awards

Manny Award

Congratulations to Televerde Foundation for winning the Manny Award. Televerde Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides a path forward to currently and formerly incarcerated women. Their PATHS reentry program provides training, education, and personal and professional development programs to develop the skills necessary for a meaningful and rewarding career and successful community reintegration. Michelle Cirocco, CEO, accepted the award on behalf of Televerde Foundation. A current inmate in their program, Ashlee Liberty, spoke during the event about the incredible impact Televerde has made on her life now, and will continue to make on her future: “My time in the PATHS program changed the trajectory of my life…I’m now going to walk back out into the world prepared for my future, and I have an amazing team to support me on the other side. I’m no longer surviving–I’m thriving, and ready to live my best life.”

To wrap up the emotionally-charged and energizing event, Nikki Lewallen Gregory shared her gratitude for everyone who made the first PeopleForward Network IMPACT Awards possible, and imparted her insights into the big things she sees on the horizon in 2023. “I thank all of you for being part of this back-of-the-napkin dream,” she said. “For a long time I worked on a mission of loving Mondays. At the end of the day, it’s meaningful work that helps people go home and have the energy to give and the energy to show up as a parent, and reflect on, ‘Is the work I’m doing meaningful?’ Let PFN be your fuel to support your leadership efforts moving forward. Make us your habit. What if we were your habit and we could do this as a community? A community is a powerful thing.”

About PeopleForward Network

PeopleForward Network provides innovative podcasting, communications, and partnership services for people-first leaders to impact meaningful work. From podcast production and distribution to creative services and growth consulting, PeopleForward Network’s mission is to share resources and insights with their global community of leaders, connectors, and creators to inspire and build workplaces where people thrive.

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