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I love dogs and am obsessed with English Bulldogs, especially my TonkaJane. I love spicy food and a good challenge to eat something ridiculously hot. One of my life goals is to meet my favorite music artist of all time, P!nk.

Meaningful work leverages my strengths, energizes me and helps me feel a sense of purpose that fuels my commitment to help more people experience it.
Founder & Chief Meaningful Work Officer
I have a slight obsession with music trivia and knack for planning/decorating small celebrations with lots of special touches. I believe pineapple does not belong on pizza and enjoy listening to live music whenever possible.

Meaningful work is aligned with a mission. When what I do contributes to something greater, or helps people in any way, it fuels me to do my best. There is nothing better!
Head of Podcast Success
I love hiking, traveling to new places and good food. Would love to combine all three and visit Ireland and Sweden one day. I find puns as "punny" as my kids do. My favorite movie is Armageddon.

Meaningful work allows me to be intentional of the value I want my life to hold. When I love what I do, meaningful work truly aligns with a meaningful life.
Head of Podcast Content
Ashley Young
I love cats, plants, and quilting (essentially, I am an old woman trapped in a millennial body). I will never say “no” to coffee or sushi. Parks and Recreation is my all-time favorite show. Hiking and running races are my two favorite reasons to be outside and I have a life goal to visit all 63 US national parks.

Meaningful work helps me to be the best I can be. When I feel that I am a part of something bigger than myself, I have the energy to move mountains.
Head of Digital Creation
Q Raley
I was born in Vietnam and everyone calls me Q! Someone dear to me calls me “mama.” I have a soft spot for a not-so-little boy of mine that keeps me on my toes! I’m an extremely passionate person that always has food, taking care of people, adventure and travel on my mind. You can often find me in the kitchen cooking Vietnamese food or baking sweets for family and friends. When I’m not cooking, my son and I try to always find the longest and fastest zip lines wherever our travels take us.

Meaningful work lights a fire within and gives me the fuel I need on a daily basis. I will go the extra mile to create those special relationships and will nurture them for years to come! Forget the small talk, let’s get to the heart and soul!
Team Administrator & Executive Assistant
I am a sports, competition, fitness, smoothie, music lyrics, and outdoor junkie. I absolutely love smooth Jazz. I think I am way younger than I really am and I aim to live life with intention and love life to the fullest every single day.

Meaningful work is utilizing my experiences and strengths to enable others to achieve goals and experience success in meaningful and profitable partnerships. It gives me my greatest fulfillment.
I love eating and taking naps - I’ll choose that over taking a walk any day! Favorite hobbies include hanging out with my mom while she’s changing the world, and snoring loudly while she is on Zoom meetings. I boost morale wherever I go and am always game for a high-five!

Meaningful work means bringing a smile to the face of every person I meet and instilling a little more joy into their day.
Manager of Paw-sitive Impact
💞 2010-2023 🕊️


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