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Nikki LewallenGregory_2024
I love dogs and am obsessed with English Bulldogs, especially my Cardi G. I love spicy food and a good challenge to eat something ridiculously hot. One of my life goals is to meet my favorite music artist of all time, P!nk.

Meaningful work leverages my strengths, energizes me and helps me feel a sense of purpose that fuels my commitment to help more people experience it.
Founder & Chief Meaningful Work Officer
Stephanie Hicks_2024
I have a slight obsession with music trivia and knack for planning/decorating small celebrations with lots of special touches. I believe pineapple does not belong on pizza and enjoy listening to live music whenever possible.

Meaningful work is aligned with a mission. When what I do contributes to something greater, or helps people in any way, it fuels me to do my best. There is nothing better!
Head of Podcast Success
Chelsea Sangar 2024
I love hiking, traveling to new places and good food. Would love to combine all three and visit Ireland and Sweden one day. I find puns as "punny" as my kids do. My favorite movie is Armageddon.

Meaningful work allows me to be intentional of the value I want my life to hold. When I love what I do, meaningful work truly aligns with a meaningful life.
Head of Operations
Ashley Young 2024
I love cats, plants, and quilting (essentially, I am an old woman trapped in a millennial body). I will never say “no” to coffee or sushi. Parks and Recreation is my all-time favorite show. Hiking and running races are my two favorite reasons to be outside and I have a life goal to visit all 63 US national parks.

Meaningful work helps me to be the best I can be. When I feel that I am a part of something bigger than myself, I have the energy to move mountains.
Director of Marketing
Brittany Sutton
I am a Canadian small-town wifey, mama, and proud dog momma of 2. Outdoorsy moments with the fam are my jam, and rumor has it I’m kind of funny. I enjoy early mornings, coffee in hand, and writing in my dream journal. I am a sucker for country music and dancing in the living room with my future hubby and our daughter.

Meaningful work sparks joy and gratitude into my life. Being able to practice meaningful work as a way of life has allowed me to align my values and goals both professionally and personally. Adding value to a greater cause, and providing impact out into the world is something I have dreamt of my entire life.
Team Administrator & Executive Assistant
Jennifer Chapman 2024
As an Indy native, I am a loud and proud Colt’s fan. I turn into a different version of myself for 3 hours on Sunday’s and I have no shame in it. My husband and I are obsessed with our only child, our chocolate lab named Serena after the greatest female athlete of all time. In our spare time, we love to play golf and travel and it is our dream to buy an Airstream so we can travel the country, embrace local cultures, and hit up amazing golf courses.

Meaningful work to me means showing up as my best self personally and professionally every day. My mission is to contribute to the success of others that causes a ripple effect that positively impacts as many people as possible.
Growth Ambassador
Lucy Uhrick_2024
One of my favorite things (possibly my absolute favorite thing) to do is light a candle, curl up in bed, and read a book! I love hanging out with my friends and family and creating experiences that last a lifetime. These days, you can probably catch me at a concert…or hanging out with my dogs (there’s almost no in between).

Meaningful work is both purposeful and personal. Taking pride in the work that you do and having it contribute to something bigger than yourself is something that I will always strive for.
Audio Engineer
Megan Weatherford 2024
I have a passion for statement earrings, especially given that they often steal the spotlight now that we’re in our Zoom era. A few years back, my husband and I fulfilled a dream by purchasing a home with the front porch I had always envisioned. Now, you’ll spot me there for about 9 months of the year. The adrenaline-filled social media posts of me leaping out of airplanes and off bridges have been replaced with the latest dance recitals and softball highlights featuring my two daughters.

For me, meaningful work is not just a job; it’s about building connections and bringing simplicity to life.
Podcast Content Marketing Manager
Shawn Neal
With over 25 years of live and studio audio production, I have been using podcasting as a storytelling medium since 2009. In the world of music alone, I have mixed sound for over 200 national and international recording artists and has been a sound designer for over 20 professionally produced theatrical shows. I'm a Pro Tools audio engineer who loves all things audio.

For me, meaningful work means that I’m leveraging my skills, creativity, and passion to help someone share their story and make a positive impact in the world.
Interim Production Team Lead
Meaningful Manny 2024
I’m not your typical worker... I LOVE MY JOB! You’ll see my charismatic face on the PeopleForward Network logo, skipping my way to work each day. My joyful spirit encapsulates the essence of what PFN stands for – thriving in meaningful work.

For me, meaningful work isn't just a buzzword; it's a way of life. I believe that meaningful work aligns with one's passions and purpose. It is the kind that energizes rather than exhausts, allowing people to thrive both professionally and personally. Meaningful work should add vitality and fulfillment, going beyond personal satisfaction. It involves contributing to a greater good, whether it's making a positive impact on colleagues, clients, or the community at large. Work is meaningful when it creates a harmonious blend where professional endeavors seamlessly integrate with personal values and aspirations.
Team Mascot


The members of our paw-some support staff are always around to keep the the team grounded and remind us of the little things in life.

Cardi is always happy! She loves to eat and we say she emulates Cookie Monster whenever she has food. During the day, she's good at taking naps, but come afternoon it is a full on dance party with all of her toys in the office.

Cardi enjoys taking breaks outside and nudges her mom for work breaks regularly. You'll find her sunbathing on the outdoor couch, whenever the sun shines. You can always count on Cardi to make people smile so she gets to visit on Zoom calls regularly to help brighten our work days.
Chief Happiness Officer
She is part of EVERY Zoom call, Google Meet, and phone call, whether you know it or not. She stays close by to offer a tail wag and smile throughout the day. Ginger reminds Mama to get up every now and then to play a game of fetch or to pause for a snuggle.

Ginger THINKS it's food time each time she hears the sound of a bag - could be a trash bag, grocery bag, or even the outer bag from a new Amazon purchase, but she is front and center to see if it COULD BE a snack. Ginger adds so much love throughout the day - always checking in to make sure things are going well, and staying close by to keep company. She reminds me to go outside, take a long walk, and get moving more often!
Snack-Time Coordinator
The lovable trainee who occasionally earns the playful nickname 'Ella-trocious.' She has an extraordinary talent for paper shredding and hiding shoes – all in the name of maintaining a tidy workspace. Her playful spirit is reminder to approach life with a sense of humor.

Ella firmly believes that a well-rested team is a productive team. When she's not executing her document disposal duties, she is usually curled up under the desk. Her dedication to napping serves as a continuous reminder to take breaks and recharge.
Paper Shredding Specialist & Naptime Supervisor
You might have spotted her wagging tail making appearances in the background of many Zoom calls. She is a dedicated wellness coach, reminding her mom to take much-needed walk breaks to get some fresh air and sunshine throughout the day. Riley LOVES to eat and knows when it’s dinner time; she will never let you (or her) miss a meal. After all, she knows that a well-fed human is a happy human.

Riley's most valuable lesson is the art of not taking life too seriously. With her big voice and goofy personality, she's a constant reminder to find joy in the little things, to embrace the silliness, and to always be yourself.
Wellness Coach & Tail Wagger
The gentle giant of a puppy who welcomes everyone he meets into his circle of affection. He has a soft spot for children and, of course, his mama. Ruger diligently warms his mama’s heart and toes, perching himself right beneath her desk, always staying in close proximity. He is ready to listen and respond to any command, especially when treats are involved.

When he’s not snoring away, he transforms into a whirlwind of excitement, in a toy-induced frenzy, proving that he’s the undisputed king of goofiness. He leaves a lesson to be learned: work hard, but never forget to play even harder, reminding us to embrace life’s joys and to approach each day with unbridled enthusiasm.
The Office Clown
Serena is a people's dog. She LOVES love and attention (and peanut butter). She is appropriately named after the greatest female athlete of all time, always chasing squirrels and cats in her dreams, and thoroughly enjoys her extra curriculars, from going for a swim, to playing in the snow, dirt, sand, and leaves.

Most importantly, she is her mom's biggest fan. Serena has no concept of time, whether it's 15 minutes, all day, or a week, she is just as excited for her mom to be home. She reminds us that every moment can be a delightful adventure, and that one should always find joy in the little things.
Paw-sitive Vibes Specialist
I love eating and taking naps - I’ll choose that over taking a walk any day! Favorite hobbies include hanging out with my mom while she’s changing the world, and snoring loudly while she is on Zoom meetings. I boost morale wherever I go and am always game for a high-five!

Meaningful work means bringing a smile to the face of every person I meet and instilling a little more joy into their day.
Manager of Paw-sitive Impact
💞 2010-2023 🕊️

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