The members of our paw-some support staff are always around to keep the the team grounded and remind us of the little things in life.

Cardi is always happy! She loves to eat and we say she emulates Cookie Monster whenever she has food. During the day, she's good at taking naps, but come afternoon it is a full on dance party with all of her toys in the office.

Cardi enjoys taking breaks outside and nudges her mom for work breaks regularly. You'll find her sunbathing on the outdoor couch, whenever the sun shines. You can always count on Cardi to make people smile so she gets to visit on Zoom calls regularly to help brighten our work days.
Chief Happiness Officer
Lake Sutton_PFN Barketing Team
The towering Great Dane who embodies the perfect blend of size and sweetness, boasting a heart of gold that matches his stature. While he may appear intimidating at first glance, Lake is a gentle giant who adores lounging on the couch all day, soaking up the sunbeams that stream through the window.

Don’t let his relaxed demeanor fool you though; Lake is always ready to spring into action, especially when it comes to virtual meetings. With a knack for stealing the spotlight and spreading joy, he eagerly joins every online conference, bringing smiles to the faces of all attendees with his charming presence.
Security Paw-tector General
The lovable trainee who occasionally earns the playful nickname 'Ella-trocious.' She has an extraordinary talent for paper shredding and hiding shoes – all in the name of maintaining a tidy workspace. Her playful spirit is reminder to approach life with a sense of humor.

Ella firmly believes that a well-rested team is a productive team. When she's not executing her document disposal duties, she is usually curled up under the desk. Her dedication to napping serves as a continuous reminder to take breaks and recharge.
Paper Shredding Specialist & Naptime Supervisor
You might have spotted her wagging tail making appearances in the background of many Zoom calls. She is a dedicated wellness coach, reminding her mom to take much-needed walk breaks to get some fresh air and sunshine throughout the day. Riley LOVES to eat and knows when it’s dinner time; she will never let you (or her) miss a meal. After all, she knows that a well-fed human is a happy human.

Riley's most valuable lesson is the art of not taking life too seriously. With her big voice and goofy personality, she's a constant reminder to find joy in the little things, to embrace the silliness, and to always be yourself.
Wellness Coach & Tail Wagger
Serena is a people's dog. She LOVES love and attention (and peanut butter). She is appropriately named after the greatest female athlete of all time, always chasing squirrels and cats in her dreams, and thoroughly enjoys her extra curriculars, from going for a swim, to playing in the snow, dirt, sand, and leaves.

Most importantly, she is her mom's biggest fan. Serena has no concept of time, whether it's 15 minutes, all day, or a week, she is just as excited for her mom to be home. She reminds us that every moment can be a delightful adventure, and that one should always find joy in the little things.
Paw-sitive Vibes Specialist
Henry Bayona
It's been said that Henry can look right into your soul, creating a deep and meaningful connection with everyone he meets. His love for people shines through with every wag of his tail, booty shake, and, of course, his sweet kisses! Henry’s curious mind means he likes variety in his walks and loves to explore new places, from neighborhoods to the beach to redwood trails. His three daily walks are not only adventures; they’re also vital to his mom’s physical and mental well-being, keeping her at her best. Henry also knows the value of nurturing relationships, guiding his mom to his favorite stores where he knows he'll see friends (and snag a tasty treat!).

Spreading joy and sweetness wherever he goes, Henry is a constant reminder to embrace life’s simple pleasures, always show love and kindness, and find ways to make every day brighter and more beautiful.
People Engagement Paw-ficer & Joy Ambassador
I love eating and taking naps - I’ll choose that over taking a walk any day! Favorite hobbies include hanging out with my mom while she’s changing the world, and snoring loudly while she is on Zoom meetings. I boost morale wherever I go and am always game for a high-five!

Meaningful work means bringing a smile to the face of every person I meet and instilling a little more joy into their day.
Manager of Paw-sitive Impact
💞 2010-2023 🕊️

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