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We provide a platform to inspire new ideas and actions as well as build powerful connections among community members. Our content and tools equip leaders to build better workplaces.

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Our featured partner

PeopleForward Network partnered with Perform for a 4-part subseries highlighting leaders who are intentional about creating workspaces where team members, clients, and visitors can thrive. For over 25 years, Performa’s team of planners, architects and engineers have provided clients with transformational outcomes, in their organizations and their environments.

Our Featured Partner

Purpose Podcast Series

Designing The Purpose-Driven Workplace

Performa has partnered with the Gut+Science leadership podcast on episodes focused on the connection between the leader, their organization's purpose, and how intentionally designed physical workspace is a powerful tool in helping Give their Purpose the Space to Thrive

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Why PeopleForward Network? Here’s why.

We align with leaders who are on a mission to lead with purpose and intention

Jason Cochran
Everything extraordinary in my professional life is because of relationships and connections with other leaders on a similar mission to bring purpose and meaning back to the workplace.

PeopleForward Network multiplies impact by gathering people first leaders to collaborate, create world class content, and amplify reach to a growing, cohesive listener base.
Co-Founder / Psychologist
"You can’t do it alone’ is the mantra of exemplary leaders—and for good reason. We don’t make extraordinary things happen by ourselves—we need each other.

It’s collaboration that enables big things to happen and our partnership with PeopleForward Network connects us with leaders who share a vision of fulfillment for all, encouraging the unique talents of each individual to shine. We are so grateful to be a part of this network of dynamic and passionate people coming together to make extraordinary things happen!"
Host, Being [at Work] Podcast
President, HRD Advisory Group
Tonya Dittman
Business can be a powerful force for good in the world IF truly human leadership is directing it. Partnering with PeopleForwardNetwork has enabled Performa to connect with people first leaders, utilize a growing podcast medium to share new and existing clients’ lessons in intentionally designing purpose-driven workplaces, and ultimately amplify what we want to see in the world – organizations that are thriving because their culture isn’t just lip service – it’s an environment where people are valued, find meaning in their work, and are truly cared for.
Director of Engagement
Performa, Inc.


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