Superpowers and Kryptonite

Mona Veiseh, the CEO of NuWest Healthcare, has been instrumental in the company’s 500% growth year-over-year for the last three years. What’s helped drive their success is Mona’s passion for helping her team members find and develop what she calls their individual superpowers.

Mona Veiseh and Brandon Miller, CEO of 34 Strong, share how they’ve worked closely to build a strengths-based foundation for NuWest Healthcare. Learn where strong values factor into the equation and hear how to build an effective team using a common language and a resilience-rooted mindset.

Truth You Can Act On

1. Make Your Values Your North Star

Our values were our north star before and during the pandemic. As we were getting calls left and right, I mean my phone was constantly ringing off the hook because the demand for healthcare workers was so great over the last two years, and the first thing we did was we told our prospective clients exactly what our values are. So they knew what they would experience in working with NuWest. What that really allowed us to do was communicate early and often what kind of partner we were going to be and if that meant that that’s the kind of partner that the customer wanted it ended up creating a really beautiful synergy between us. Most of those customers are still customers today because we helped them navigate through really hard times.

2. We Can Do Hard Things

We always keep values at the forefront of how we make decisions, and where our strategy drives us, and it started with this concept that as soon as we do something hard, something very, very challenging we see this bounce-back effect from the team. We saw this resilience and their ability to know that doing hard things is going to make them stronger and we’ve repeatedly tapped into that as the globe, and the country has been faced with some of the most hardest and challenging things.

3. Have an Empowering Common Language

As any new team forms, the first thing we do is survey them and put the data in front of the leader. That way the leader can start to work on that team to, one, position their strategy so it works for them, and two, they’re going to understand where they’re going to excel and where they could have blind spots. We think of managers at NuWest as coaches because they’re trying to tap into the performance of that team. And so like the head of a football team would know, ‘I’ve got a great defense, I’ve got a weak offense, and then there’s my special teams,’ having a common language allows our managers to take a similar look into their team and be able to help them reach peak performance.

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