Podcasting Strategies for Business Innovation and Growth

February 16 is National Innovation Day and our team is all about celebrating new ideas! As a leader in your workplace, how do you keep innovating when it comes to your content marketing? We believe that podcasting is the most innovative and effective approach when it comes to communication, whether that be internally or externally.

We started podcasting in 2018 with one big goal in mind: Build relationships with ideal clients.

This idea worked so well that not only did it propel the idea to start PeopleForward Network, but we have helped 24 podcast hosts do the same thing over the years. It’s been fun and we’ve confirmed that podcasting is not only an exceptional business development platform for meaningful relationship building, it is an incredible maximizer!

The magic lies in its incredible efficiency – one effort of time can create handfuls of content pieces to feed all digital channels! Just think…you record one 30-minute episode and break it down to feed ALL digital channels. If you do it right, the impact can be monumental – we’ve seen the online presence of brands explode and have seen marketing and sales goals get blown out of the water.

BUT, that’s not all…let’s dive into one more layer. With AI becoming more and more relevant, it can be a challenge to authentically connect with your audience. Experts have said that by 2026, 90% of online content could be generated by AI. Crazy!

While spotting the difference between AI and authentic human content can be difficult, we believe basing your efforts out of the podcasting studio can change that. How? Here are some ideas to reach people with your podcast to create new monetization efforts, marketing content and communication efforts:

Brands and thought leaders could pay to be on your feed.

There are so many ways to do this! One effective strategy is to integrate sponsored content seamlessly into your shows or platform, providing value to both your audience and the advertisers. One of our shows launched a monetization effort in Q3 of 2023 and signed $210,000 in new revenue by the end of 2023. W O W! Our jaws dropped too!

Develop an internal podcast to communicate with your team.

Communicating with your team via audio storytelling stands out as the most effective method to connect with them when and where they want: Share vision + company updates, showcase employee achievements + inspiration, spotlight customer narratives, streamline your onboarding process. This dynamic platform allows for a more personal touch and goes beyond limitations that often come with written communication. 

Create authentic marketing content from your podcast feed.

Podcast listeners often feel connected to the host, it’s like you’re their best friend. After all, you are practically whispering in their ear! When you repurpose your podcast content into other marketing efforts, like blog posts, social media or even email content, you can continue to leverage that unique bond with your audience. The consistency of voice and insight brings a familiar and genuine connection creating a sense of trust and loyalty, reinforcing your brand identity, while also engaging your audience on a deeper level. Why not capitalize on this?!

So, whether it’s monetization, internal communication, or enhancing your content marketing, podcasting could be the most versatile and impactful strategy. Are you ready to strategize about how your podcast can accelerate the reach of your 2024 goals? Do you want to discuss innovative ideas to drive brand new revenue for your business? We are here for it! Let’s chat.

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