PFN’s Virtual Birthday Bash on LexGo

There is so much power in meaningful work. When we get to experience truly meaningful work, we bring our whole selves to it and it fuels our energy for all the other hats we wear in life. Everyone deserves to find this and experience it. We have so many partners that have contributed to our mission: “do meaningful work, live meaningful life” and we wanted to celebrate in a big way for our first anniversary. 

We collaborated with a platform called LexGo which exists to help build community and connection online, so it was the perfect place to host our celebration. We spent some time getting to know each other a little better with some fun ice-breaker questions and moved around to different tables (how cool!) to meet more folks in small group settings. Overall, we had a BLAST with people from all over the country networking and reminiscing on what we have accomplished in the last year.

Here’s a short recap:

PFN gathers humans that share a mindset: people-first. These humans have a want and a purpose to MOVE PEOPLE FORWARD. It’s become such a wonderful community of servant leaders. If you love moving people forward and advancing meaningful work, join us for another great year! The more the merrier all working on this big mission.

Listen to hear some event highlights below 👇



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