PeopleForward Network Celebrates Leadership Impact with Second Annual Impact Awards

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — November 20, 2023 | PeopleForward Network, a people-forward leadership and communications services company, announces the winners of their second annual PeopleForward IMPACT Awards.

PeopleForward Network was founded in June 2021 by Chief Meaningful Work Officer, Nikki Lewallen Gregory. Rooted in the podcast medium, PFN equips leaders with resources and connections to build and nurture workplaces where people can thrive and experience meaningful work. PFN launched the first annual PeopleForward IMPACT Awards with a virtual event in 2022 to recognize greatness through people-forward efforts by leaders and workplaces worldwide.

This year, with the second annual IMPACT Awards, PFN celebrated winners through the medium they know best: podcasting. Each of the five award winners was interviewed and featured in a special episode of FRINGE, a PFN original podcast that serves as the network’s home base show, the week of November 13th, 2023.

Award winners were selected based on stories submitted by PeopleForward Network’s partners and the community at large. With this annual initiative, PFN hopes to continue to recognize leadership greatness, telling their stories with specific examples that other leaders can emulate. Each of the five award winners received the Manny Impact Award, which is named after the happy-go-lucky character you see in the PeopleForward Network logo. Manny represents meaningful work, people-forward leadership, and celebrates the best of what humanity has to offer.

The 2023 PeopleForward IMPACT Awards were exclusively sponsored by Can’t Stop The Growth, a podcast hosted by Chad Peterman, President & CEO at Peterman Brothers, who won a Workplace Impact Award during the inaugural event in 2022. Chad is driven by a personal mission to provide a platform for others to grow and thrive. Can’t Stop The Growth offers reassurance, inspiration, and the recognition that making mistakes and facing setbacks are natural parts of the journey. Through his own thought leadership and engaging discussions with leaders, Chad highlights the importance of personal development, pursuing greatness, and always chasing your potential.

Each of the five award winner episodes is hosted by Rachel Downey (Share Your Genius), who was a presenter at the 2022 event.

Congratulations to the 2023 PeopleForward IMPACT Award winners:

Nathan Roberts, CEO at Hometown Logistics LLC

Nathan Roberts lives by a rock-solid rule: “Never talk poorly about anyone on the team.” His unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of respect and support has earned him the prestigious PeopleForward IMPACT Award. Fostering a strong team spirit, this leader’s positive approach has led to remarkable growth and success, creating an environment where everyone thrives. Listen to Nathan Roberts’ Interview here

Mark Hamilton, President & CEO at Harcros Chemicals

In an industry that is not traditionally warm & fuzzy, Mark Hamilton has shown the power of putting people first and investing in their culture and leadership. He is humble, and down-to-earth, and always makes time for all of his employees – from executives to truck drivers and everyone in between. Mark’s caring nature shines through his humility and dedication to nurturing his company’s culture, ensuring the well-being of his employees even during challenging times. Listen to Mark Hamilton’s Interview here

Ryan Berman, Co-Founder of Courageous

Three essential factors make up courage: 1. Knowledge, 2. Faith, and 3. Action and it is through this lens that Ryan Berman leads people. He helps people overcome fears, look at doing things differently, and guide them to reach a destination they are holding themselves back from achieving. His courage-driven leadership inspires his team through honest communication and transformative stories. Listen to Ryan Berman’s Interview here

Marcia Barnes, CEO + Founder of Valve+Meter Performance Marketing

Known for genuine relationships, Marcia Barnes is a constant source of joy and support for others, making a meaningful difference in their lives. Marcia is driven by her core value of love and represents her faith and community admirably. She brings joy to people and is incredible at relationship-building, constantly depositing into the lives of others. She is a connector of people and resources. Marcia’s ability to speak the truth helps people advance and it’s one of the qualities that sets her apart as a people-forward leader. Listen to Marcia Barnes’ Interview here.

Sandeep Hardas, Director, Partner Publisher Management at Koddi

Through genuine gestures and a diverse skill set, Sandeep Hardas is dedicated to enhancing the experiences of those around him, exemplifying what it means to be a people-forward leader. Sandeep makes a personal, authentic connection with everyone he meets and makes a point to engage in a way that makes people feel appreciated, valued, and special. He is a student of life in all he does and approaches his work and personal life from the perspective of, “What can I do to improve this experience?” Listen to Sandeep Hardas’ Interview here.

Our five winners this year are individuals who truly stand out in their leadership journey and their remarkable people-forward approach. These awards celebrate the vibrant community of fellow people-forward leaders we’ve built who value and share a mission to create workplaces where people truly thrive. These awards celebrate the transformative power of stories. They are not just narratives; they are testaments of resilience, innovation, and heart. The stories we honor highlight leaders who have gone above and beyond, crafting workplaces where every individual’s potential is not just recognized but nurtured. Through the PeopleForward IMPACT awards, we celebrate the courage to challenge the status quo, the wisdom to embrace change, and the tenacity to lead with empathy. Each award winner represents a step forward, a stride toward a world where organizations prioritize their people above all else.

About PeopleForward Network

PeopleForward Network provides innovative podcasting, communications, and partnership services for people-first leaders to impact meaningful work. From podcast production and distribution to creative services and growth consulting, PeopleForward Network’s mission is to share resources and insights with their global community of leaders, connectors, and creators to inspire and build workplaces where people thrive.

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