2024 PFN Host Page Headers - Igniting the CEO Within

Mark McFatridge

Are you finding it challenging to cultivate a balance of mind, body, and soul while navigating the complex demands of being a CEO? Igniting the CEO Within was created for emerging and experienced leaders seeking inspiration, guidance, and a sense of community on their leadership journey. Hosted by connector and leader Mark McFatridge, this podcast is an extension of the Quade community, bringing together visionary CEOs and business owners from the Quade network and beyond to share their stories, insights, challenges, and triumphs in leadership. Join us as we dive into impactful discussions about fostering professional and personal growth, the power of diversity, the benefits of a strong CEO peer group, and actionable advice to enhance your leadership. Wherever you are in your CEO journey, get ready for some inspiring conversations that’ll spark the CEO within you.




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