Leading People in 2023

Steve Shauck, Chief Revenue Officer at Data Clymer, knows the importance of trust, transparency, and empathy when leading people. It all boils down to understanding his team on a more personal level. After taking the time to truly get to know his people, he’s able to lift them up and make a lasting, positive impact on their lives.

Steve discusses the power of focusing on a person’s “why” and finding out what drives their passion inside and outside of the workplace. Check out below what you can do to start trusting your gut and always have your team’s best interests in mind.

Truth You Can Act On

1. Get to Know Team Members with Depth

You’re going to have employees that have a tough patch. Maybe a bad month, maybe a bad quarter. But are you understanding what’s influencing that hard road, especially when you know they are doing the things they need to do? They’re controlling their science and art, and the outcomes aren’t there. Do you know what’s going on at home? Maybe a family member or friend are weighing on their mind. You have to give them that safe and trusting place where they can share that. Then you need to be there in a transparent way and give the cover they need to take care of those competing things so they can do what you’re asking them to do, and you believe and know they can do.

2. Build Relationships From the Start

What’s that thing your people are inspired to do outside of the office that they can’t wait to tell you about? If you can understand those things right, then you start understanding the levers you can pull to help maximize that person’s outcomes. And more importantly, to maximize the relationship you’re building with that person, no matter where you’re at in that relationship. If we do it right, we create a lifelong relationship. You may have a friend and a follower for the rest of your life.

3. Know Your People’s Why

What you really want to know is what gets that person going and distill it down to what’s their “why “? Why are they doing what they’re doing? Why do they get out of bed? If you can get to understanding their “why” and be transparent with them and build trust, you can get them to share their BHAG with you. Sometimes those are tremendously personal. Crippling debt. Medical needs for a spouse. Sometimes they’re tangible. Sometimes they’re that thing you never thought you’d be able to do. But if you understand their “why”, you can get your team members to expand on the BHAG they’re driving for in that year and support them in achieving it.

4. Embrace Being a Stepping Stone

Celebrate people early and often. The reality is we’re not all going to retire from the place we’re at now. Your people will move on. So elevate your people, celebrate them, and prepare them for the next mission, whether inside or outside the company. Be their advocate and illuminate the things they do well and support them on the things they don’t do as well. And, for goodness sake, be excited. These are people. It’s a journey. We should celebrate it. Just because they branch off doesn’t mean there’s no alignment at the human level. It’s amazing how many people I’ve worked with, and we stay in touch and we celebrate their movements as I’ve watched them grow. So celebrate. Do it early and often.

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Listen to the full episode: Episode 197: Leading People in 2023 with Steve Shauck

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