Human Recognition vs Employee Recognition

Are you thinking about how to make powerful, meaningful connections with your people?

Samantha Farley is the Founder and CEO of PeopleProud, an Employee Gifting Company focused on helping companies appreciate and recognize their employees for any and all occasions. Samantha shares the difference between human and employee recognition and how her personal experiences of not feeling valued or cared for inspired her to start PeopleProud. Read below find out why it’s not really about the gift, but about the meaning behind it.

Truth You Can Act On

1. Meaningful Recognition is Personalized

There are plenty of companies doing a great job with employee recognition, but overall, a lot of it is just to check a box. Companies know they have to do something. But that’s the problem. What is that something? What is going to truly make your employees feel like they matter at work? It really does bring in the human aspect as well as an employee aspect to the conversation. It’s extremely important to recognize an employee for their business work, but it’s also important to recognize them as a human and what’s going on in their personal lives, too.

2. Have Intentional Conversation Around Gifting

You need to start the conversation and it also comes back to giving every leader within the company the ability to gift rather than throwing it on the HR team or the admin team. It needs to be more accessible to the entire company, so letting each department have access to gifting and really appreciating their employees individually rather than doing bulk gifts. Bulk gifts are great, but they’re not going to be as personalized as some employee may want it to be. It’s hard to do that at scale, but I think it really is on the manager’s job themselves as well.

3. Consider At Home Gifts

Based on experience, I noticed that at home gifts are more valued, especially when it’s a surprise and they don’t know it’s coming. It’s even better when it’s a surprise gift from the company. The reason we love gift boxes is because they’re another little surprise within a package. So you’ll open your package and then you have to open the gift box to see the surprise gift that’s inside. It’s really great to have it sent at home because it’s not only to celebrate amongst the employees at work, it’s to celebrate the employee with their family. They can share and show it off to their family as well.

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