Nikki Lewallen

Gut + Science™

Gut + Science is a podcast with the mission to improve employee engagement by inspiring and equipping leaders to help employees thrive at work. Host Nikki Lewallen highlights accomplished, people-first CEOs (and executives) that share their powerful mindsets, experiences and tools that have helped them succeed. Content experts share monthly education and inspiration on topics such as diversity and inclusion, emerging and lucid leadership, and corporate social responsibility. We named the show Gut + Science because leaders need both data and experiences to guide decision making.

Nikki is very passionate about helping millions love their work, about giving back, about investing in people. In Gut + Science, these callings come to life in the form of high-energy interviews designed to help pave the way for people-first cultures, and give leaders the inside scoop on how to build winning cultures and companies. As a business development specialist, speaker and philanthropist, Nikki has helped countless executives make meaningful, relationship-oriented investments. A natural connector of people and avid proponent of robust company culture, she’s also part of a platform being used by CEOs and leaders across America to engage countless employees.




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