Help Your People Live Their 10

Can you imagine a world where everyone is living their best lives? Cory Chadwick, Founder of The Mental Gym, can, and he’s determined to help others “live their ten.” Cory was faced with a number of challenges in his life and he knew they could either take him out of commission or teach him something. He decided to go with the latter and find the best version of himself. Check out below why living your ten allows you to feel and perform at your very best and pick up tips to live your ideal life.

Truth You Can Act On

1. Workout Your Mind

Think of mental fitness as a different take on mental health. When we think about mental health, we think of mental illness, but mental fitness is the complete opposite of that. It’s proactive wellness. It’s moving from good to great. It’s for people who are highly functional, who are doing well in their lives, but they want to be better. Our brand of mental fitness, we call it live your 10 mental fitness, is about thinking and making decisions and performing as the very best version of yourself in all areas of your life. We workout your mind. We challenge you to think differently and to explore different perspectives while building habits, mindsets, and the essential tools for optimal mental fitness and living your ten. And we do it just like a gym. We work out your mind for one hour, once a week, with interactive, discussion based group classes.

2. Prioritize Mental Toughness and Emotional Intelligence

I believe leaders who are mentally strong do what they believe is right even if it’s unpopular. They believe their responsibility as a leader is to do the right thing, and they do it. They do the right thing for their people and for their mission. But it takes a lot of mental toughness to do that. And not just when it’s easy and convenient, anybody can do it when it’s easy and convenient. But can you do it when you’re being challenged? Can you do it when it’s hard to be mentally tough in those situations? It takes work and mental toughness. It’s so important for leaders to really truly lead, not just by title, but in practice.

3. Lead the Life of a Level 10

We need better people first to create a better world. A world of people living their five, sixes, and sevens isn’t going to create the kind of world we want. But a world full of people living there tens absolutely will. And when I say world, I’m talking obviously on a larger scale, but this also applies to organizations, companies, families, you name it. We need a world full of people living their tens. How do we create that? How do we make that happen? My fire for helping people live their ten is about wanting to help them become the best version of themsleves and realize their potential. To live with purpose, to have incredible relationships, to perform at your best, to be happy, to be fulfilled. Living your ten is living your best life on your terms.

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Listen to the full episode: Episode 136: Help Your People Live Their 10 with Cory Chadwick

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