Building Relationships, Inspiring Growth: Our Vision for Year Three at PeopleForward Network

We are thrilled to celebrate our second birthday at PeopleForward Network. Our first two years in the startup world have felt like five, but we have achieved a great deal. We’ve experienced failures and enjoyed many memorable moments together. Now, armed with the lessons we’ve learned, we are able to strategically plan our future and determine where we can have the most impact in fulfilling our purpose—to help people experience meaningful work.

“My six-year journey in the podcasting industry has provided valuable insights that led to the creation of PeopleForward Network. One of my earliest and ongoing podcast projects, Gut + Science, taught me how to weave stories together with other people-first leaders.”

– Nikki Lewallen Gregory, Chief Meaningful Work Officer, PeopleForward Network

What We Do:

Through the podcasting medium, we showcase exceptional brands and vendors that support people-first leaders to positively impact more individuals in the workplace. For instance, we collaborate with employee engagement software companies, recognition platforms, and strengths consulting firms. By partnering with CEOs and executives who ‘walk-the-walk’ and embody people-first practices, we are able to tell their stories and forge new connections.

At PeopleForward Network, our guiding principle is that great business is built through relationships. Through fostering connections, we empower individuals to find fulfillment in their work, which in turn contributes to our sales and business growth. We excel at facilitating relationship-building within the business-to-business realm. Our passion lies in helping everyone experience meaningful work and we firmly believe that when individuals are fulfilled, excited, and energized in their jobs, it ripples into all other aspects of their lives. They become better spouses, parents, and community contributors. Conversely, the absence of meaningful work can have a detrimental effect, preventing individuals from becoming positive influences in the world.

Work consumes a significant portion of our time. When it becomes a mission field where we can utilize our strengths and share our gifts with the world, we transform into better versions of ourselves. Feeling impactful, energized, and genuinely fulfilled at work enables us to thrive.

How We Do It:

To extend the impact we have made and help even  more individuals experience meaningful work, we will focus our team’s efforts on creating podcasts that foster personal growth and effective communication within organizations. We specialize in audio storytelling, crafting podcasts that connect employees, eliminate communication gaps, clarify company direction, and inspire through a shared vision. Regular updates delivered through podcasts not only keep everyone on the same page, but fuel inspiration through the clarity of where the company is going and how each individual has a part. We love to give employees a voice. Showcasing their strengths and helping them tell their story provides a powerful mentoring platform. Imagine a workplace with strong cross-departmental alignment, a clear understanding of the different roles within an organization, and hearing regular stories that create a sense of pride and belonging on the team. 

Why We’re Moving in This Direction:

Hearing about the positive impact that PeopleForward Network has made by helping leaders truly connect with their people ignites our passion and fuels our desire to do this specific work. An internal podcast as the core of communication provides a system for regular storytelling and each episode creates a flywheel of communication assets that reiterate the message. 

92% of individuals carry a smartphone at all times and 79% are familiar with podcasting.

Podcasting is the number one content consumption method, allowing us to listen while engaging in physical activities, doing household chores, or simply going about our day. Nearly 500 million people tune in to podcasts regularly each month! It provides an opportunity for continuous learning, receiving updates, and processing information simultaneously—an incredible tool for personal and professional development. Therefore, it only makes sense to incorporate podcasting into our workplaces, fostering relationships and empowering us to share stories that inspire others, including our customers.

Podcasting is proven to be 500% more effective than email.

Its simplicity and on-demand availability make it an ideal medium for communication. We can track listener statistics, allowing us to assess the impact of our communication strategies accurately. We are thrilled to leverage everything we have learned to continue serving our partners—outstanding vendors for people-forward, people-first workplaces. As communication experts, we firmly believe that podcasting is the ultimate platform for reaching individuals where they are, inspiring them, building relationships, and ultimately helping them feel connected to meaningful work.

Looking forward to what’s to come in year three!

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