Announcing FRINGE: A PFN Original Podcast Feed

At PeopleForward Network, we love podcasts. It’s why we exist, and how we enable people-first leaders and organizations to grow their own networks and businesses. For some, podcasts still seem like the media choice of the minority, but the reality is that 62% of Americans have listened to at least one podcast, and 25% of Americans listen to podcasts weekly! (The Infinite Dial, 2022)

Why does this matter to you? As a business looking to grow your network, establish your leader as an influencer, or just drive incremental growth, the podcast universe is growing and ready to listen to your message. As a listener, this means the vast choices of content for you to explore and subscribe to is growing at a fast clip.

For PeopleForward Network, the growth of our favorite medium is why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new original feed, FRINGE.

FRINGE by PeopleForward Network is a collection of content to educate and inspire you on your leadership journey. Leadership and team development, talent acquisition, DEIB, well-being, the future of work and beyond – Fringe has content to support you on your development journey.

Why the name FRINGE? Our podcast network and partners are rooted in supporting people-first leaders and organizations, and their content speaks to particular audiences and specific topics. But sometimes there’s a noteworthy topic that warrants discussion but may be just outside the norm of what their listeners expect – that’s where FRINGE comes in.

Merriam-Webster offers a plethora of definitions for “fringe” but what describes our new original feed is: Something that is marginal, borderline, or introductory in relation to some activity, process, or subject matter : something that is secondary or supplementary to what is basic or central in importance or value.

FRINGE is a compilation, a curation, a showcasing of content by our network partners or organizations that align with our people-first values that falls on the edge of or at the outer limits of what our listeners have come to expect from their favorite shows. FRINGE content challenges listeners’ thinking about what it means to be an excellent leader, how to best serve your people, and how to lead with a growth mindset. The variety of shows on the FRINGE feed will keep you engaged, excited, and eager to explore more.

To kick off the launch of FRINGE in a big way, we are overjoyed to share its inaugural episode through our partnership with Workhuman: Two Years Into COVID: The State of the Human Workplace.

In this episode, Dr. Isha Vicaria, social psychologist and researcher at Workhuman IQ, joins host Dr. Meisha-ann Martin, to discuss the data behind the percentages of people working on-site, off-site, or both. Listen in as she uncovers the compelling central conflict between fully remote, hybrid, and on-site workers and the active and visual implications for workplace retention. Along the way, you’ll also learn about the impact of social recognition both within and beyond the workplace.

We are honored to syndicate this episode from Workhuman, and have more powerful content in the queue so be sure to subscribe to FRINGE so you never miss an episode.

Explore and subscribe to more of PeopleForward Network’s podcasts here, and make sure you’re on our newletter list for goodies beyond the audio.

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